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The Friendship Reset


One of the most critical decisions we make in our lives (especially at school) is who we choose to hang around. Finding and nurturing authentic, quality friendships is one of the biggest factors in having a happy life (and a happy school experience!).

In this 40 minute webinar we will help tweens and teens reflect on the quality of the  friendships in their lives.  From learning how to find friends and strengthen those bonds to noticing the red flags and green flags in friendship this webinar is designed to help kids get clear on what a good friendship looks and feels like. We will cover:

  • Finding friends and the importance of positive connections
  • Noticing the signs:  Red flags and green flags in friendship
  • Navigating conflict and drama
  • The importance of personal boundaries
This talk is suitable for kids aged 8-18.  All participants will receive a recording of the webinar — so even if you can’t watch live you’ll be sent the recording.

webinar replay + workbook


You'll receive access to the webinar replay video for 12 months.