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On your way to school or training, you and your tween/teen can listen to PLAY ON with Olympian Libby Trickett, kids’ coach Georgie Trickett and tween and teen author Bec Sparrow.

We made this podcast for kids aged 8-16 to help them navigate the challenges they face playing sport.

Libby Trickett is an Australian sporting legend. She's a mum of four, yoga teacher,  athlete, motivational speaker and, of course, Australian Olympic gold-medalist swimmer having represented Australia at three Olympics and one Commonwealth Games.
Georgie Trickett is a mum of three, health professional, everyday athlete and kids' coach.
Rebecca Sparrow is a mum of three, a best-selling author, podcast host and she speaks to thousands of tweens and teens each year about how to find and keep great friendships.

These three women know what's going on in kids sport. They know why kids are dropping out. And they know what kids (and the adults around them) need to do to play on.

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PLAY ON has been designed for you to listen to in the car WITH your kids.

To help them navigate those days (weeks!) when they've lost their motivation.

To help when they feel (or know) they're the weakest player on the team.

To help when their team mates are being jerks.

Or when it all just feels too competitive. Or they want to quit because they feel too self conscious in their sports uniform (or swimmers! Or leotard!).

To help when other people's parents are embarrassing them or abusing them from the sidelines.

Georgie, Libby and Bec are going to equip your kids with the tools they need to KEEP GOING. And the wisdom to know when it's time to change sports or change clubs or change teams.

Or even when to focus on being active instead of sporty.

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This series will help your teen find their way BACK into sport. Across eight episodes, Olympian Libby Trickett will help your child problem solve the challenges they're facing and empower them with solutions to stay in the game. 


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