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How to Handle
Mean Kids & Teasing


Whether it’s someone muttering ‘You’re useless at soccer’ or rolling their eyes at you in the hallway, this webinar is designed to equip kids with some practical tips on how to handle the mean kids at school.

Please note this is not about bullying but instead about those one-off snarky or mean behaviours from other kids in the schoolyard or classroom.

For ages 10+


Monday 22 July | 7PM AEST

30 Minute webinar + replay

Cost: $20 + GST

You'll receive access to the webinar replay video for 6 months.


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All of my most popular webinars for tweens and teens are now available to schools, which means you’re covered for conversations on everything from making friends and dealing with mean kids to handling schoolyard drama cyclones.

It’s kind of a no-brainer - and a great excuse to show a “movie” in class! All you have to do is hit “play” and let the conversations flow. 

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