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A 12-Month Kindness and Connection Journey for Parents and Their Tweens

Create something special that’s just for the two of you with
twelve months of fun challenges

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The process of growing up is full of surprises and challenges - even when you’re not the one

doing the growing.

There can be tears and meltdowns (even before the friendship dramas start up at school), and you might start to feel like you’re drifting apart. 

One minute you're laughing together making pizzas for dinner. The next minute your tween is grunting hello, rolling their eyes or slamming doors so hard that you wonder where your 'best buddy' went.

It’s not always easy, but there is one parenting strategy that always works…

Spending time together

The thing is, our modern world doesn’t leave much room for connection. In all the busyness and overwhelm, we’ve forgotten how to stop, slow down and connect, and that’s a problem - because connection is EVERYTHING.

In fact, if there’s one thing that brings all people together - even the tweens and teens who swear they can do it all on their own - it’s the need for connection. 

After more than 15 years of working with kids, tweens, and teens, I’ve learned that the BIGGEST fear parents have isn’t about technology, bullying, drugs, mental health, doing well in school…

It’s losing that connection with our children as they get older.

We want them to run towards us when they feel overwhelmed or scared ... not away from us. 

So let me tell you a secret.

Even when your child is slamming doors and telling you that you don't understand them, they still want to be around you. When they lean out, what they really want is for us to lean in.

And the perfect way to lean in is to spend time together on a shared goal. A monthly joint-project. An act of kindness to complete.

Having a monthly 'date' in the calendar to do a random act of kindness together will help bring you together. You'll be united in your mission to do some good which in turn will only help to make your connection stronger. It's a proven feel-good activity which builds empathy and improves our mental health.

So I created...

RS – JBU Branding V04-03

A 12-Month Kindness and Connection Journey for Parents and Their Tweens

This framework will remind you to enjoy just being together and create plenty of opportunities for connection (and reconnection) with your 8-12-year-old.

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Here’s How It Works:


Just Between Us is a monthly subscription. You will get an email every month for twelve months with a kindness and connection activity to complete together. My monthly Random Acts of Kindness will bring you closer to each other and those around you - warm fuzzy feelings guaranteed.

You’ll also get twelve months of access to my private Facebook group where you can connect with other parents and tweens. There are no login details or dramas, and you can join or leave at any time - and best of all, by the end of our year together, your bond with your tween will be ready to take on bigger, more beautiful challenges.

Monthly Membership
RS – JBU Branding V04-01
  • 12 Months of Kindness Challenges 
  • 12 Months of 24/7 Access to the Facebook Group





Just between Us has been a really beautiful way for my daughter and me to connect. 

The kindness challenges have been really wonderful to bring us closer. We have a newborn in the family, so carving out special time just for us has been super important in making sure she doesn’t feel left out now that another little human is taking up so much of my time. Bec really cares about her community & she has so much knowledge to share. She has given us a lovely Facebook group full of like-minded parents & is so supportive of us all as she guides us through each month’s activities. I would 110% recommend Just Between Us to anybody who is looking to deepen their connection to their child & be supported throughout.




I’m forever grateful to Bec for creating ‘Just Between Us’.

Not in a million years did I imagine the support, practical advice, recommendations & overall support that it includes!! For the price of a cuppa coffee a month, my daughter & I have gained a stronger connection by doing purposeful activities that are fun, authentic & practical!  These little, simple ideas have guided our relationship at a very important time in my daughter's growth! We have been welcomed into an amazing community that provides support. This encouragement online especially within the uncertain times we are all experiencing has been an amazing gift that none of us could have known! Thank you for being so generous.

Lee Scurry



My girls (7&9) are loving being part of the mother-daughter club. 

My eldest really enjoyed your chat about friendship and finding your tribe. I have recommended the club to a few friends with girls of similar ages.

Kel Maasz