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When I was fifteen if you’d asked me what my life purpose was, I would have mumbled something about marrying Kirk Cameron and working as a children’s TV host. Neither happened (I blame the corkscrew perm and stone wash jeans. Thank you, 1987). But still, back then if I had a “purpose” I figured it was to be a reporter on Wombat or Simon Townsend’s Wonder World.

Thirty years later

and my answer is crystal clear.

These days I feel like part of my purpose is to help tweens and teens traverse that tricky path from childhood to adulthood. My great passion is helping kids (and their parents) navigate school friendships, have a more positive experience online and understand that despite what society tells them they are enough just as they are.

It's why...

I write books like Find Your Tribe and Ask Me Anything.

It’s why I go into high schools and talk to thousands of teenagers every year about what it takes to find and forge strong friendships, the importance of resilience and giving back and the power found in gratitude.

It’s why I make podcasts like Ask Me Anything where I play agony aunt answering anonymous questions from teenage girls.



And it’s why I agreed to be an Ambassador for the Lady Musgrave Trust which is all about providing practical and effective support to young women fleeing violence and experiencing homelessness.



You had me at hello.

Take A Breath.


My website isn’t just a place where you can read my bio and buy my books or request me for your school. It’s a place where you can take a breath. Read some stories, listen to some podcasts, discover a few ideas or tools you hadn’t thought of before and leave - I hope - feeling uplifted.

Away from this page, I’m an aunty and a godmother to several tween and teen girls. But I’d like to think I can also be an unofficial godmother to all those kids out there who need another grownup in their corner offering advice and wisdom and understanding.

Are you ready? Let's get going!
Official Bio

Rebecca Sparrow is a teen educator, the author of six books and most recently stepped into Maggie Dent’s shoes as  the new host of ABC’s Parental As Anything Teens podcast.   With her friend Jane Sullivan, Bec also co-captains Birds of a Feather – the largest online book club in the country whose aim is to help women fall back in love with reading.

Bec is also an ambassador for The Lady Musgrave Trust which provides support and services to young women facing homelessness.


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Aside from writing books Rebecca has written for Mamamia, co-hosted two seasons of the award-winning health and happiness podcast The Well with Robin Bailey and played Agony Aunt to teenagers across the country on the Ask Me Anything podcast. She also talks to thousands of school students (and their parents!) every year about friendship, resilience, giving back and how to have a more positive experience online.

In 2018 Bec was invited to sit on the Queensland Government’s Anti-Bullying Taskforce.

Rebecca lives in Brisbane with her husband Brad, her three kids and two labradoodles (one of whom is INCREDIBLY naughty).

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