Monthly Archives: April 2011

Sunday Mail South Australia column – The one about picking up chicks

I’m exhausted. Possibly because I’ve spent the past month trying to pick up women. I know. WEIRD. And Brad – my husband – has been completely unhelpful.

You see when I left Brisbane in January I also left behind a group of fabulous girlfriends.  My tribe, as I like to call them.  We understood each other. Had each other’s back. And could ring each other during Masterchef with a crisis and know our calls would not be screened. (Now that’s friendship).Continue Reading

First Wednesday Club for April 2011: If you cannot read and write then you are always afraid

It’s time for the First Wednesday Club again. This month we’re lending our support to the Indigenous Literacy Project which is about giving the gift of reading to Indigenous children in remote communities. Read about it here

First Wednesday Club for March 2011: Help Maria Buy A Barn

In March, the First Sunday Club was offered a brand new home at one of Australia’s most popular websites  We also changed our name to the First Wednesday Club.  In March, we asked you to fund a microloan with FITE.  You can read that post here

Forgive me Father for I have sinned. And could I have some fries with that?

Here’s a link to a post I whipped up today for Mamamia  on the April Fools Day gag that was the “drive-thru confessional” …. What do you have to confess?