Bec is the author of three best-selling novels The Girl Most LikelyThe Year Nick McGowan Came to Stay and Joel and Cat Set The Story Straight (co-authored with Nick Earls). Since 2009 Rebecca has focused on writing non-fiction books for teenage girls to help them navigate those tricky high school years. Those books include Find Your Tribe (and 9 other things I wish I’d known in high school); Find Your Feet (The 8 things I Wish I’d Known Before I Left High School) and the best-selling Ask Me Anything (heartfelt answers to 65 anonymous questions from teenage girls).

Online Courses


an online club for mothers and daughters

A space to just be together, and to create a framework (and an opportunity) for connection and reconnection with your child.  

A reason to start hard conversations, or give the space for her to bring up something she was "wondering about".

A time for you both to have some mother / daughter time, to be around each other and be awesome together.

A simple monthly email sent to you (and your daughter if she has an email) with a list of activities, discussion starters and invites to: Monthly Ask Me Anything webinar with Bec, Bi-monthly online book club, Monthly random acts of kindness challenge plus monthly give-away and Mothers Only Facebook group.



Your roadmap to the tween years

Is your daughter in primary school? Then it’s the perfect time to establish yourself as the lighthouse in her life – that beacon of wisdom there to guide her as she learns to navigate the sometimes choppy waters of upper primary school and high school. My Lighthouse Plan is designed to give parents of girls two things. First, it’s a roadmap to the tween years and I’m here to help you help your daughter navigate everything from first periods to first sleepover to first social media accounts to first dates. I’ve done the leg-work for you and put all the best articles, books, videos and podcasts in one location on a variety of topics including friendships, confidence and resilience, mental health, conflict resolution and study habits! I’ll also show you the simple things you can do to strengthen the bond between you and your girl. I'm a big believer in laying a strong foundation of communication, support and openness when our kids are still tweens BEFORE they hit the teenage years. And that's what my Lighthouse Plan is all about. I’ll offer you tips on how to strengthen your bond with your daughter AND give you a roadmap to help you both navigate the wonderful, tricky, eye-opening years ahead.



In this online version of one of my most popular school talks, I go through the six things teens and tweens can do to navigate those tricky waters of friendships in their teen and tween years (students in years 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8).

Included is a PDF workbook for your teen / tween to complete, as well as access to the replay of the live workshop.


5 Secrets to High School

Is whether or not you enjoy high school based on luck? Or can you actively make choices and decisions which will greatly improve your chances of having a positive experience? In this online version of one of my most popular school talks, I go through the five things students can do to have a more positive experience in high school. From choosing supportive friends and avoiding drama cyclones to allowing yourself to be ‘seen’ and understanding the difference between bullies and jerks … this material is especially useful for students in years 5, 6, 7 and 8. Suitable for Parents and their Teens/Tweens.


Little Book of Christmas


Christmas is my favourite time of the year. To me, it’s magical. With sparkling trees and fairy lights, brown sugar bickies and Kris Kringle games. It’s a time of goodwill and peace and kindness and extra servings of chocolate pudding. The problem of course is that real life has a habit of shoe-horning itself into the season. Everything can start to feel rushed and overwhelming and stressful.The secret to making Christmas magical is for all of us to slow down where we can. Anchor the season in ritual. And realise that even the smallest act of kindness can create a Christmas miracle. It’s never too late to start new traditions and rituals.


Tricky Conversations

Do you think I’m fat?
How come I can’t have Instagram when all my friends are on it?
I am so tired of playing this sport. Can I quit the team?
When can I start wearing make-up?

Or maybe it’ll be more of a truth bomb she drops rather than a question. She reveals she's been spending all her lunch hours alone at school. Or that she’s being bullied. Or that she has a boyfriend. Or a girlfriend.

In that moment when your daughter comes to you for advice, what are you going to say? How exactly do you respond? How you handle this moment could determine whether she ever opens up to you again ...

These cheat sheets are designed to help you navigate life’s tricky moments with your tween daughter. When she throws you a curveball, these "cheat sheets" will show you how to catch it.




In this 30 minute webinar Bec will share four practical ideas to help you build those strong bonds with your child. Whether your child is in primary school or high school — this webinar will arm you with easy ways to connect (or reconnect) with your child.