the little book of Christmas


Hey! I’m Bec.

And I've just written a very, very, VERY small ebook on Christmas traditions and rituals. I wrote it for myself as much as anyone else. Christmas is my favourite time of the year but I feel like I'm increasingly fighting against it becoming overwhelming and stressful because of my headspace and my to-do list. So I compiled all the best Christmas traditions I know and put them into one book as a way to remind myself how to create a bit of magic in December. Not just for me and my kids but for the community.

There's nothing mind blowing in this book. Some of the ideas you'll know really well and some you won't. But what I’ve come to realise with Christmas is that it’s not just WHAT we do but HOW we do it. (You’ll understand what I mean when you read my part about putting up your tree and the Advent Calendar ideas.).

Come with me as I explore ways to make Christmas a little more magical and meaningful.

Merry Christmas.