Don’t Get Me Wrong, I Do Love George …

But, I have to say, I saw Up In The Air on Saturday night with my friend Nic and I was a little let down.  I mean it’s good but some people are predicting it’ll be regarded as the “film of the year”. Um, big call people.

There was lots to like. Really. It’s an enjoyable film. You won’t leave muttering rude things about George and Jason Reitman and wishing you’d seen It’s Complicated (nothing against that film – I haven’t seen it and I like pretty much anything that involves Meryl Streep). But.  I found Up In The Air a tad depressing. And really, I don’t think it comes near Juno or Thank You For Smoking (both of which rocked).

But it’s always good to go to the cinema and see something that doesn’t involve a SNL comedian and/or a cliched ending. And this film had me thinking about it for a number of hours afterwards. And I guess I was trying to debate the validity of the choices Ryan makes. And what? Do I need to feel upbeat every time I leave a cinema?

So what’s my point? I dunno. I don’t think I have one. Sorry about that.


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