creating strong ties between parents and tweens

I love being a mum.

I especially love the tween years when our kids are aged 8-12.

You know why I love it? Our kids are that little bit more independent and showing magical little glimpses of their future selves! They love science or basketball or Frida Kahlo or writing poetry or all of the above! At the same time our voice is still the strongest in their lives and the opinions of their friends are yet to really dominate their own! The tween years offer us an amazing window of time to help us establish ourselves at our children’s lighthouse — a go-to source of wisdom and comfort as they learn to navigate friendships, school, puberty and everything else life seems to throw at them.

Being a lighthouse to our children is really about establishing a strong, open relationship with them.

If you're like me, you want to have the type of bond whereby your daughter or son will come to you if they're worried or anxious or struggling with an issue. We want them to turn to us when things go pear-shaped rather than leading (as some teens seem to do) a double life or even worse, suffering in silence.

We especially want them to feel comfortable talking to us if:

  • They're being bullied
  • They're struggling with friendship issues
  • They're worrying about something (school work, family dramas etc)
  • They have a secret crush!
  • And perhaps most crucially - if they've experienced something that left them feeling uncomfortable or unsafe or alone.

But HOW exactly do we do that?

Here’s one thing I know for certain: leaving it to chance is not the answer. Having a close connection with your child isn’t about luck. Instead it’s about key strategies and decisions you make when BEFORE the teen years hit in full force.

That's where


comes in.


I'm a big believer in laying a strong foundation of communication, support and openness when our kids are tweens - after all this is when we're still the major influence in our daughter and son's life. And that's what my Lighthouse Plan is all about.

Here's what you'll receive from me EVERY WEEK for the next 6 weeks:


A bond building strategy (this is a tool or strategy to help build and/or strengthen the bond between you and your daughter. My intention is for your daughter or son to see you as their lighthouse -- that person to turn to for guidance and wisdom particularly when the seas are rough)


A gold-star tween/teen parenting tip (these are the best parenting tips for tweens I've read over the years).


A How-To-Handle page: periods, friendships dramas, body image issues — I’ll curate the best advice I’ve read and put it all in the one place for you to go back to.


Access to a closed Facebook group where I will post extra information relating to tween/teen boys and girls.


A copy of my Before You Hit Send notes


PLUS my Resources List for tween/teen girls and tween/teen boys.



Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much I’m enjoying ‘TheLighthouse Plan’.

My daughter is 12 and in year 6 (her last year of Primary School) and it is proving to be a challenging year …. I am loving this ‘lifeline’ you are providing.  The topics are all of great benefit and the fact that you are writing about them makes me realise that I’m not alone!  The articles and videos are very informative and helping me interact in a more positive way with my daughter.

I am learning a lot about me too.




Just wanted to let you know how much I loved Week One and how useful the information is! I have a 13 year old who is getting her very first period and the tips and links you have shared are super helpful.



As a parent of a tween, I'm really glad that I've had The Lighthouse to guide me through some of this age's choppier waters.
The thing I have enjoyed most about this course is its accessibility and practicality.
We don't always have time to study tomes on parenting, so I appreciated being able to dip in and dip out of some great ideas, and use the ones that
I felt might work for us. They did!

Frances Whiting



The Lighthouse Plan is $174.

Or select the payment plan for $29 per week for 6 weeks.

Let me do the legwork for you and help you lay the foundation for an amazing relationship with your daughter.

The Lighthouse Plan

  • 🗸 A bond building strategy
  • 🗸 A gold-star tween/teen parenting tip
  • 🗸 A How-To-Handle page
  • 🗸 Access to a closed Facebook group
  • 🗸 Before You Hit Send notes
  • 🗸 Resources List

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