Never Forgotten

In August 2014, Bec and her good friend Mia Freedom published Never Forgotten: Stories of love, loss and healing about miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal deathMamamia readers and writers joined together to contribute their stories to this book, compiled by Bec and Mia and edited by Paula Ellery. The book is available as an E-book download or in print form [click here to order]. All the proceeds went towards charities who help families who have suffered this very common yet widely misunderstood type of loss.


Some advice for the family and friends of Ada Nicodemou

By becsparrow | August 16, 2014

I was in the kitchen last night buttering toast for my five-year-old daughter – when my husband gasped from behind his laptop. I looked up. “Ada Nicodemou’s  baby was stillborn today.” He kept talking I think. But I didn’t hear anything else. I didn’t need to. Ada Nicodemou’s  baby was stillborn today. Bec with Ava, when…

I was hurting and this is what helped

By becsparrow | August 16, 2014

I have a stock-standard answer that I give when people ask me – and they always ask me – how I survived the death of my daughter Georgie several years ago. And it’s this: I was saved by friends and strangers; one lasagne at a time. It’s true.  In those early weeks and months when my strangled…