The Way We Live, Sunday 20 February 2011

I did something last week when you weren’t looking. I moved to Adelaide.

I know. I KNOW.  One minute I was here and the next minute when you were trying to work out if Egypt’s deposed President Mubarak and the Count from Sesame Street had ever been seen in the same room together – I was gone.  Packed up and moved to the City of Churches for a twelve month sojourn.

You’ll be partly impressed, partly horrified to know that we drove. I KNOW.  Try a three-day drive across the country with a toddler. A three-day drive across the country with a toddler in a car that looked like the over-loaded one in the opening credits of The Beverly Hillbillies. But as we drove through Gunnedah and Tamworth and Warren  and Broken Hill, I began to feel lighter. And as we crossed the border from NSW into South Australia, I literally felt a weight lift off my shoulders. Not because I don’t adore Queensland – I do. But because sometimes, we all need some time out. A change of scenery. Some breathing space.

This move to Adelaide has been an interesting lesson for me. When Brad was offered the position back in July 2010, I didn’t want to go. Desperately didn’t want to go. Nothing against Adelaide (I’d only ever done fleeting visits, so I barely knew the place).  Nope, instead I was hoping to live in the same house for more than twelve months.  What a kick that would be!  Back in July I thought spending 2011 in Adelaide would kill me.  Seven months on and I think it’s the best thing that could have happened.  This temporary move interstate has come at exactly the right time for us.

And you know what? Its taught me something.  So often we spend huge amounts of energy trying to change, force, manipulate situations.  We think we know best. What we need.  What’s right for us.  We hold on to stale situations and relationships and jobs so tightly out of fear or desperation that we leave no room, not even the smallest gap, for anything else to come in.  And usually it’s all because we’re afraid of change.

But sometimes it pays to give up the wheel and just see where life takes you. Sometimes change is the best thing that can happen.  Scary? Sure. But change always is.

Rest assured we’ll only be gone for twelve months and when we do return to Brisbane, it’ll be for good. But for now, I’m going to make the most of this year in Adelaide. It’s a beautiful city. The food is mouth-watering.  The traffic is — well it sucks just as much as Brisbane during peak-hour. But I’m prepared to overlook that since there’s the Haigh’s Chocolate Factory here.

This year I’m stepping out of my comfort zone. Thankfully for me it’s in a place famous for its wineries and chocolate!


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