Bec-Hero V2

It’s Bec and I am really excited that you’ve joined The Lighthouse Plan which is a 6-week information course designed to put a bit of magic back into your relationship with your tween.

It’s all about connection and creating strong bonds.

Very soon you’ll receive an email to thank you, and on the 14th Januaryyou'll receive and email with login details to access the program on my website.

Once you get that, you can get started! Plus there’s an exclusive closed Lighthouse Facebook Page where I share extra information and answer questions — you can join that page pronto by clicking here.

What else? Well, every week for 6 weeks, you’ll receive a new information pack to open and devour. Take your time implementing the ideas I share. Choose the ones which work best for you and your family. Even the tiniest change can have a huge result. A good example, is the journal idea you’ll hear about in week one. It’s been a big hit with lots of mums and tweens.


Enough from me! Thank you again for joining


I’m so glad you’re here.

Bec xx