How to Dial Down the Drama Webinar-01

How to dial down the drama webinar

For kids aged 8+

Upper primary school and high school can be full of drama but … it doesn’t have to be! In this 40 minute webinar, Bec will share advice and tips on how to have a more peaceful school experience.

She'll cover:

  • Busting a few friendship myths
  • The signs you have a healthy friendship group
  • How to change friendship groups without any drama
  • How to navigate conflict at school
  • The difference between normal conflict and bullying
  • How to apologise to a friend
  • The role you play in having a great cohort at school
  • How to handle gossip at school
  • What to do if you are the focus of gossip at school
  • How to change your reputation at school

Everyone who registers will receive a recording of the webinar with lifetime access to it.


DATE: Wednesday 27th October 2021


Cost: $7 + GST