Last night I saw the captain of the Australian Cricket Team cry on television …

We all screw up. Some bigger than others. Some just more public. I was thinking about Steve Smith last night and just wanted to say that while consequences are important, it’s equally important to remind ourselves (and our kids) that nothing has to ruin your life forever. History is full of people who were able to rebuild their lives and their careers after a public screw up . The public may not quickly forget but they will forgive if you are sincere and work hard to bring genuine meaning to your downfall. Never feel like life is worthless. Admitting to what you did and taking ownership (and accepting the consequences) is the first and biggest step.

I hope our Australian cricketers are surrounded by people who are looking out for their mental health. Ball tampering is cheating. No question there. But frankly, I’d also like to see this level of national outcry over sportsmen who commit acts of violence against women.



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