Beware the drama cyclone …

This past month I’ve been talking to tween and teen girls about walking towards drama cyclones. Every time you join in gossiping about someone either online or in-person you’re actively walking into a drama cyclone. And when you get caught in one of those there are truly no winners. Mean-spirited gossip turns to bullying very quickly. The cyclone takes on a life of its own and cannot be stopped.

Most kids will tell you they actually want LESS drama at school. (With homework and tests and assignments and parents and sport and friends … the last thing you need is more drama). So it’s worth thinking about the decisions you make at school. Engage in gossip and you’re walking into the drama. Stop. Don’t get sucked into the cyclone!! SAVE YOURSELF!! Just walk away. Being on #teamgirls means having each other’s backs. And that means not participating in tearing other girls down.



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