Look For The Glitter …

Look for the glitter.

That’s what I tell my kids every morning in the car when I’m dropping them at school.

Look for the glitter in the day. It’s always there but sometimes you have to really pay attention to see it.

We all want to teach our kids the concept of gratitude. And the research is there about how good it is for our emotional wellbeing. But so often asking “What are you grateful for?” can feel like a chore.

So I found teaching my kids to look for the glitter in each day has been the best way to get them searching for and NOTICING the things which have gone their way.

There is ALWAYS glitter in the day — even the tiniest speck counts.

So what was the glitter in YOUR day today?

What worked out? What brought you joy?

🌟 For me it was coffee with two of my favourite friends and laughing so hard over stupid things in a cafe.

🌟 My mum watching my boys after school while I took my daughter to kick-boxing.

🌟 A kind email in my inbox.

🌟 A woman I absolutely adore joining our Book Clubs with Bec and Jane team.

🌟 An article I loved written by a favourite journo.

🌟 My dogs not weeing in the house while I was out.

🌟 It not raining at school pick up!

Ps some days my glitter is β€œwe’re all safe and dry” said through gritted teeth! 😬😬😬😬😬😬

Over to you.

Tell me one little bit of glitter from today!

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