The First Review Is In!

Australian Bookseller and Publisher have reviewed Find Your Tribe (and 9 other things I wish I’d known in high school) and awarded it 4.5 stars out of 5. Yippee!  Here’s the review …

Find Your Tribe (And Nine Other Things I Wish I’d Known in High School) (Rebecca Sparrow, UQP, $14.95 pb, ISBN 9780702237720, March)

“Rebecca Sparrow would’ve been good to know in high school. Find Your Tribe is an important and upliftingbook that will entertain even the most sceptical teen. Sparrow demonstrates her eloquent style and talent for simple, clear prose to impart to her readers the truth––and the humour––about years seven to 12 in a book they will actually enjoy. Her advice is so smart and universal that I found myself taking notes to apply to my own life. Educators, parents and counsellors alike will immediately identify the value of not only Sparrow’s advice, but the accessible manner in which it is presented. Pull-quotes and dot-point summaries make Find Your Tribe the perfect book for low attention chapter-skimmers. The advice is aimed mainly at girls; the prose is targeted toward a younger audience but is direct, and not patronising. Sparrow’s The Girl Most Likely dealt with similar issues as Tribe and has not only been successful in print, but will shortly be adapted into a movie. Find Your Tribe is the accessible nonfiction equivalent and should be considered by anyone working with teenagers.”

Rebecca Butterworth (née Whitehead) is a bookseller and writer and lives in Melbourne


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