The life-changing magic of baking …

There is so much emotion tied to food. It really is one of those fundamental ways we can show people we love and care about them.

I love that the Duchess of Sussex baked some banana bread in the kitchen of Admiralty House so she could “bring a plate” to the BBQ in Dubbo yesterday. How did it taste? I’m not sure it matters. It’s the gesture that means so much.

The Duchess of Sussex wanted to ‘bring a plate’ like everyone else and baked up some banana bread in the kitchen of Admiralty House.

Did you know baking for others it’s also really great for your mental health? Whipping up that chocolate cake is relaxing, it’s calming, it keeps you busy and gives you something to focus on and it always feels wonderful to do a good deed when you bake a cake and give it to someone who deserves an act of kindness. You can read more about baking for your mental health here:…/how-baking-can-improve-your-mental…

If you love baking, did you know you can join the Baked Relief Army of bakers! Baked Relief isn’t a charity or a business — it’s a movement. It was started by that one-woman-force-of-nature Danielle Crismani during the Queensland floods in 2010. She created an army of bakers who delivered kindness (in form of delicious treats) to devastated families and emergency crews. At times of disaster or grief, Baked Relief volunteers head to their kitchens to whip up cakes and biccies to help comfort those in need including emergency services workers. You can be a part of the Baked Relief movement at any time. Follow them here on Facebook to find out about when your baking skills are needed! Or start your own Baked Relief team in your town.

Click here for the story about the Duchess of Sussex’s banana cake recipe:


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