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6 Friendship Lessons for Girls

February 24, 2019

“The mean behaviour has to stop …” On Friday I received an email from a school asking for help with their year 8 cohort of girls. There was…

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The world is wrong.

October 20, 2018

I have several talented, brave, interesting, original, smart 12 and 13 and 14 year old girls in my life. They’re all on Instagram. This week one of them…

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Beware the drama cyclone …

March 29, 2018

This past month I’ve been talking to tween and teen girls about walking towards drama cyclones. Every time you join in gossiping about someone either online or in-person…

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The book of secrets …

February 5, 2018

I always wanted a daughter. Always. And when my husband and I discovered our first baby was a girl I was overjoyed. Before she was even born I…

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My 10 yo daughter wants Instagram. What do I say to her?

February 2, 2018

Yesterday the 10-year-old daughter of a friend of mine asked me when I thought her mum should allow her to have Instagram. The first thing I did was…

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The List part 2: resources for tween and teenage boys

September 13, 2016

First up – if you’re looking for my resources list for teenage GIRLS. Click here. So. Houston, we have a problem. Go searching for inspiring, uplifting books, websites…

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The List: My go-to resources for tween and teen girls …

August 31, 2016

Here it is. My go-to list. (If you’re looking for my list of resources for teenage BOYS click here) I feel like so many parents are feeling anxious…

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"What advice do you have for us for Schoolies Week?"

November 17, 2015

Isn’t that a great question? A SMART QUESTION.  Yesterday I was speaking to the Class of 2015 at Somerville House. So it was me and a room of 200…

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"I’m ugly. So how will I ever get a boyfriend?" [extract from Ask Me Anything (heartfelt answers to 65 anonymous questions from teenage girls)]

November 7, 2015

Define ‘ugly’ for me. Ugly in what way? Because let me tell you what ugly means to me. ‘Ugly’ is someone who is racist or homophobic or sexist.…

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