Loganlea Christmas Kindness: ‘Signature Excellence’ at Loganlea SHS

Last year, 15 000 Facebook followers from across Australia helped me play Santa for the hardworking students in Loganlea State High School’s ‘Signature Excellence’ program.

These students flip the stereotypes we always see about teenagers in low socio-economic areas. They are driven, resilient, insightful, compassionate and smart. And as you can see from their reaction they had no idea they would be receiving these gifts!

This video captures the day so beautifully. Thank you again to everyone who helped make it happen — it was just magic!




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  1. Unknown on September 26, 2021 at 9:58 pm

    Why don’t you all do a story on this disgusting school who let the green room teacher (Teena Fodor) groom a 13 year old student and cover it up? While letting that same teacher continue teaching at the high school?. It’s funny how the school covers up alot of disgusting and degrading things their staff do to children.

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